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American Kennel Club

All AKC Government Resources
AKC has many brochures, flyers, posters for downloading. Here are some of them:
Government Relation Brochures
Government Relation Toolbox Numerous choices of Brochures/Flyers
Responsible Pet Ownership
Breed Specific legislation Flyer
Where Did all the Dogs Go? Flyer
Make Your Contacts Count
Cuddle This
Election Day Your Rights Could Hang in the Balance
North Carolina Responsible Animal Owners Alliance

We Are Not Puppy Mills
Animal Rights FAQ
Myth Busters
Animal Rights Trifold
The Truth about HSUS
Humane Tethering & Penning

Animals and Research

Dog Poster
Rats and Mice
Cats and Dogs

American Association for Laboratory Animal Science
Brochures and flyers on animals in research

Improving Human/Animal Health
Classroom Animals

Critter Care

Breed Specific

Reforming Animal Control
Bull Breeds
BSL Brochure

The Environment - Babes in the Woods Flyer - Click Here and type in "poster" or Smokey, many flyers, brochures.

Fur Facts

Animal Abuse Evidence
Animal Eco- terrorism

Animal Ownership

Americans Supporting Animal Ownership - Downloads
Americans Supporting Animal Ownership - Poster
Americans Supporting Animal Ownership - Got Milk

The Humane Society: 7 Things You Didn't Know About HSUS
A brochure

National Animal Interest Alliance

Endangered Dog Flyer

AKC Public Education Lesson Plans

Each lesson plan contains four sections: an objective, a materials list, guidelines for presentation and suggested questions designed to spark discussion with the children. We've also suggested answers to keep discussions on track. Use what works best for you, and feel free to change or adapt any of our suggestions as you see fit.

Here For the Public Education Lesson Plans

The Humane Watch Flyers and Brochures

Not Your Local Human Society
HSUS, Did you Know That?
Understanding the HSUS
What's That, Girl?

Responsible Pet Owners of Tennesee By Donna Malone Where are 3 Trillion Cats and Dogs

Here to see Animal Rights - AR - QUOTES



PETA on targeting children: "Everything we do is based at adults." Ingrid Newkirk, PETA President on CNN, March 21, 2002


"Our campaigns are always geared towards children and they always will be." Dan Matthews, PETA Vice President, on FOX News, Dec 19, 2003


What does it mean to be involved?

When negative legislation is proposed or adopted, it affects and alters the time and energy devoted to positive events as efforts are diverted to protecting our freedoms and those of our animals. It is extremely important to halt the negative influences of animal rights organizations so that energy can be devoted to all the beneficial effects that our animals can bring, such as having events that promote responsible dog ownership, etc. like showing our communities the countless types of work that our dogs are capable of doing.

What are you doing to be involved?
Here to see what others are doing


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