California Responsible Pet Owners' Coalition

Who are the members of CaRPOC?

As the name implies, CaRPOC is a coalition of people. We come from various backgrounds and came together shortly after California Assembly Bill 1634 was introduced during the winter of 2007 to combine our abilities. We are pet owners, rescue volunteers, working dog owners, service and therapy animal owners, trainers, as well as show cat and dog breeders, sportsmen and enthusiasts. We are also people with many years of past legislative experience. A few people gathered a few more trusted people to work together seriously on legislative issues that affect our animals, and to work our hearts out, and CaRPOC was born.
Q:Are my donations tax deductible?

A: Unfortunately, no they are not. Donations will be used to combat legislation now and in the future that impacts our choices for our animals. Had we chosen Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)3 status, which is for a tax deductible charitable nonprofit, tax laws would have prohibited us from using the lion's share of the monies received to influence the political causes that are crucial to our struggle.

Q: Who are the officers of the corporation?

President: Florence Blecher, Vice-President: Stormy Hope, Secretary/Treasurer: Peri Norman.

Q: Who are other people in the coalition?

A: A few others who are in the forefront of this battle are Marion Bradshaw, Brat Zinsmaster, Tom and Vivian Brown, Jane Jensen and Dana Johnson. Doc Zoe is CaRPOC's Webmistress. Please let her know of any problems and suggestions for the website
Many others are helping, networking and advising.

Q: Regarding Los Angeles City Ordinance and possible law suit:

A: Greenberg Traurig, LLP, the law firm that we selected, thoroughly researched and analyzed the adopted ordinance and determined that there were not sufficient grounds to proceed at this time. Since those grounds were not there, CaRPOC reluctantly suspended the process.

Q:The Louisville ordinance

If the Louisville, KY ordinance is being challenged in Federal Courts, why is the City of Los Angeles ordinance different?

Isn't our problem in Los Angeles and other places the same? Wouldn't a Louisville Federal Court ruling encompass us too?

A: A judgment has been rendered in Louisville partially reversing that ordinance. That said, there are enough differences between the two ordinances, and the circumstances under which they were drawn, to require that they be analyzed and treated completely separately in their respective jurisdictions. CaRPOC has been in contact with the Louisville advocates regarding their case. Our attorneys reviewed the relevant documents from Louisville for reference and comparison.

Q: There are different groups working on the various mandatory spay/ neuter and breeder legislation. Why aren't all the groups working together? What makes you different from these groups?

A: We all support the battle against the draconian legislation facing us. At this time, CaRPOC's approach is somewhat different from that of the other groups. Because each group is unique in its direction and focus, many fronts are being addressed from varying perspectives. Hopefully all these approaches will be cumulatively successful.

Q: For what are donations used?

A: Donations are always welcome. A few individuals advanced the bulk of the initial attorneysâ' fees for the analysis of the Los Angeles ordinance. Donations went to pay for the balance of the charges incurred. Other small administrative costs have also come up. As our group grows, donations will be welcomed and used to underwrite various projects as they arise. Proceeds from any revenue-generating projects like The Naked Truth calendar, will go back to fund relevant future projects. Our treasurer, Peri Norman, will be responsible for the treasury and accounting activities of the CaRPOC. Jack Bradshaw also reviews our donations and expenditures..

A: How will I get updates from your group?

Initially, an announcement-only Yahoo site has been established and periodically, information will be sent out to those to those subscribers who provide us with their email addresses. More information will be forthcoming.

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Periodically, an eNewsletter will be distributed. If you don't wish to receive the newsletter, there is a "safe unsubscribe" opt out link.

Q: Will we be informed that our donations were received

A: A letter will be sent to acknowledge each donation.We respect the privacy of those who choose to remain anonymous.

If there are more questions, please email us so we may add those of interest to the FAQ. Thank you.



PETA on targeting children: "Everything we do is based at adults." Ingrid Newkirk, PETA President on CNN, March 21, 2002


"Our campaigns are always geared towards children and they always will be." Dan Matthews, PETA Vice President, on FOX News, Dec 19, 2003 


What does it mean to be involved?

When negative legislation is proposed or adopted, it affects and alters the time and energy devoted to positive events as efforts are diverted to protecting our freedoms and those of our animals. It is extremely important to halt the negative influences of animal rights organizations so that energy can be devoted to all the beneficial effects that our animals can bring, such as having events that promote responsible dog ownership, etc. like showing our communities the countless types of work that our dogs are capable of doing.

What are you doing to be involved?
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