Kern County Animal Issues

This legislation has been enacted but not yet codified MUNICIPAL CODE Click Here Then Click on Title 7 - Animals Codified through Ordinance No. G-8104, October 26, 2010 (Supplement No. 43, Update 1)

Animal Ordinance Go to Title 7 - Click

Los Angeles County Law Suit:
Winograd VS. LACDAC

L.A. County Shelters Now Open 7 Days a Week

On September 29, 2009, Los Angels county decided that they were going to ban people who have been living on their property, properly licensed and permitted, from continuing to engage in their livelihood of boarding, training and breeding dogs and cats, and also to decrease their property values by possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars. A
public announcement in a small newspaper was the first those kennel owners/breeder heard of the plans.

Here to go to the Reports of Public Meetings, Proposed Amendments from 3/3/2009 to the present.

Here for Los Angeles County Shelter Statistics 2009 - 2008

NEW! Riverside County Animal Issues:

December 16, 2008:
The Riverside County Board of Supervisors 
Agenda item 3.16 
Introduction of the proposed MSN ordinance, 

A public hearing was held on January 27 at 9:00 A.M. and the Riverside ordinance, with amendments, was adopted. It will go in affect March 1,2009.

Here to Learn about Problems with Riverside County Ordinance 630.12 Mandating Microchipping/Forced Sterilization of Dogs and Cats

Here to see the Final Version of the Ordinance

Riverside County Animal Ordinance adopted 1/27/09 - Click Here


Here to use CAPWIZ to send emails to All Supervisors et al about Riverside Using the Automated Letter Writer

Riverside County Animal Ordinances - Click Here

Here to Learn about Problems with Riverside County Ordinance 630.12 Mandating Microchipping/Forced Sterilization of Dogs and Cats

Here to see the Final Version of the Ordinance


Mandatory Spay/Neuter, Microchip Ordinance Title 6 Click

Orange County

Orange County Barking Dog Ordinance - Click Here

Santa Barbara County Task Force

NEW! An ordinance amending Santa Barbara County code

Chapter 7 - Animals and Fowl

Here to Read more

San Bernardino County

San Bernardino County County Animal Ordinances - Click Here

Spay/Neuter Bull-type Dogs,Staffordshire, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier or any mixes - Click
Here For Brochure

Santa Clara County


There will be a public hearing at the Torrance Environmental Quality andEnergy Conservation Commission on May 7, 2009 regarding a proposed MSN ordinance. For the Agenda, please click Here


The following California cities ordained the use of the word "guardian" rather than "owner" for animals:
2001 Berkeley and West Hollywood, California;
2003 San Francisco, California; Marin County (13 Cities joint powers
agreement); Sebastopol, California;
2004 Albany, California;
2006 - Imperial Beach, California (San Diego area); Santa Clara County, California
2007 San Jose, California
2008 Beverly Hills, California
From the
CFAINC website

City Of Beaumont
Beaumont makes spaying, neutering mandatory

10:00 PM PDT on Tuesday, October 20, 2009
The Press-Enterprise
Spaying and neutering pets will be mandatory in Beaumont in 30 days under a municipal ordinance the City Council adopted Tuesday night. The ordinance states: "No person shall own, keep, or harbor an unaltered dog or cat."

Here for more information

City Of Irvine
AKC alert - proposed ordinances
Click Here

City Of Lancaster

On January 27, 2009, the City of Lancaster approved an ordinance mandating
the sterilizaion of "pit bulls", rottweilers and any breed that has the characteristics of those breeds.  The ordinances may be found

Los Angeles City Lawsuit: CDOC VS. LAAS


Status of the law suit 7/14/09
Here Enter Case number = BS114453

Filing Date: 04/21/2008
Case Type: Writ - Administrative Mandamus (General Jurisdiction)
Status: Judgment by Court-Petition denied 07/14/2009
CDOC Appellants Opening Brief, 4/29/10 - Click

Los Angeles City Animal Issues

LAAS List of Approved Registries

LAAS Board of Commissioners
Los Angeles Licensing revenue
Review of Fees, submitted by Kathleen Davis

LAAS Breeder Permit CaRPOC Reports of LAAS Town Hall Meetings
Brenda Barnette, LAAS Manager Dog,Cat Limits
Here for 9/16/2010
Here for 9/22/2010

Los Angeles City Dog Kennel Rules and Regulations

The Los Angeles Kennel Permit Standards contains 33 standards that Los Angeles City kennel owners must comply with. There are maybe 10 standards that go back at least in part to this or some other Municipal Code section (i.e., licensing, vaccination, inspection, spay/neuter ordinance, permit posting, GENERAL care standards) or State law (tethering). The remainders of the standards, which are the SPECIFIC animal care standards fall under Chapter 5, Article 3, Sec. 53.50 (e) of the Code, which states:

.... (e) RULES AND REGULATIONS. The General Manager is hereby authorized and empowered to adopt such rules and regulations as he deems reasonably necessary to carry out the purpose of this article, and to insure the maintenance of approved and humane conditions at any place for which a permit is granted hereunder. A copy of such rules and regulations shall be furnished to each applicant for a permit upon the filing of his application. (Amended by Ord. No. 133,983, Eff. 4/10/67.)

The General Manager of LAAS set more than 2/3 of the standards that Los Angeles kennel owners are now held to in the City of Los Angeles, not specifically by ordinance. Compare the Los Angeles
kennel ordinance that was enacted by the City Council, versus the LAAS Kennel Standards that are the REALITY of what L.A. City kennel owners will have to live with if they are able. It's not necessarily
the ordinance that seems onerous, but the REGULATIONS that come afterwards.

Here for the rest of the story.
Here for the Ordinance
Here for The March 2010 Kennel Permit Standards

Senior/Disabled/Low Income Fees
Introduced 3/24/09
City Council Actions, Click
Amend Los Angeles Municipal Code Sections 53.12, 53.15, and 53.31 relative to income eligibility limits for the waiving of redemption and impound fees and issuance of a free dog license for qualified senior and disabled residents, and to add language clearly establishing income eligibility for all
Department-sponsored Free Spay and Neuter Programs available to all low income residents regardless of age or disability. Final City Council Actions, Click
Here for The Ordinance

Transfer Permits/Fees

Introduced 4/9/2010
City Council Actions, Click
As proposed by the Department, the Animal Transfer Permit would be required of all those who sell, advertise for sale, broker the sale, or in any way transfer for compensation or otherwise,any animal in the City of Los Angeles regardless of where the animal was bred. The permit would require that such animals are micro-chipped and that name and address information be provided to the Department for persons taking transfer of dogs for licensing, and that appropriate business and tax permits be obtained by persons transferring animals.
Final City Council Actions, Click
Here The Ordinance

Animal Services Fees

Introduced 6/2/2010
City Council Actions, Click
Final City Council Action, Click
Here for The Ordinance

Introduced 6/4/2010
Amend Municipal Code / Number of Cats/Dogs Owned by Residents
City Council Actions Click

Brenda Barnette appointment/salary Introduced 6/22/2010 City Council
Actions, Click

Final City Council Action 07/16/2010 Council approved the salary rate of pay for Ms. Brenda Barnette, permanent General Manager, Department of Animal Services, as recommended by the Mayor and approved by the EERC, Click Here

Dog License Fees
Introduced 6/25/2010

City Council Actions, Click Here
10-0600-S28 City Attorney report and Ordinance amending the LAMC to increase the dog license for altered dogs from $15.00 to $20.00. Final City Council Action, Click
Here for The Ordinance

Implanting Microchip/Dog or Cat
Introduced 7/8/2010

City Council Actions, Click Here
10-1199 City Attorney report and Ordinance amending the Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) to require the Department of Animal Services to implant an electronic animal identification devicein every dog or cat redeemed from the Department's shelters by their owner, and to require the owner to pay a $15.00 fee. 8/19/2010 Final City Council Action, Click
Here for The Ordinance

Rabies Reporting Requirement
Introduced 7/13/2010

City Council Actions Click Here

That the Department of Animal Services be instructed to report on a plan to implement the provisions of AB 2689 to improve rabies reporting requirements and to increase the number of dog licenses, including options for the participation of veterinarians in the rabies registration process.

Dog Licensing / Hearings / Noise and Distance Criteria / Restricted Dog Permit
Introduced 6/01/2011

City Council Actions, Click Here
11-0922 City Attorney report relative to the draft ordinance authorizing the Department of Animal Services to conduct license hearings in the absence of a valid dog license; establishing more definite barking dog noise and distance criteria, and creating a Restricted Dog Permit
Draft ordinance

Downtown Fashion District / Santee Alley / Sale of Live Animals
Introduced 3/24/09

City Council Actions, Here
09-0632 Relative to amending the Los Angeles Municipal Code to expand the ban on sales of animals to include banning purchase.
Draft Ordinance

Mill-Bred Animals/Commercial Sales/Ban
Introduced 5/6/11

City Council Actions, Click Here
11-0754 Motion to study and make recommendations for a ban on sale of commercial animal mill-bred dogs, cats, chickens and rabbits within city limits; create a program to sell shelter and rescue dogs in the stores.

After-the-Fact Penalty Fees / Code Enforcement
Introduced 1/15/10

City Council Actions, Click Here
10-0085 Establish an Administrative Citation Enforcement Program by amending (animals) and adding to the Los Angeles Municipal Code; etc.
Draft Ordinance

Long Beach

Long Beach Pet LIcense Information. Click
Cat Licensing FAQ's

Why is the City making us license our cats?
Municipal law requires that all cats over the age of four months be licensed as a rabies control measure.

Here for more

Effective Friday July 16th, 2010, all cats within the City of Long Beach are required to have a license, including permanent tag and/or microchip

City of Pasadena

City of Riverside

Riverside City Ordinance - addition of Chapter 8.21 Regarding Residential Kennels and Residential catteries. Pet Limits, Proposed Ordinance June, 2010. Click Here to Read.

Riverside City Ordinance - Ordinances updated on June 22, 2010. Read this for information on Dog Licenses. Click
Here to Read.

Riverside City Ordinance - Ordinances updated on June 22, 2010. Read this for information on Rabies Certificates required. Click
Here to Read.

Riverside City Ordinance - finalized ordinance on the s/n, microchip. Click
Here to Read.

City of Santa Barbara

On October 5, 2010, the City of Santa Barbara, California, passed an ordinance amending the existing City pet licensing law. Although the original proposal was to make the City ordinance consistent with the County of Santa Barbara's recently passed spay/neuter ordinance, the City significantly changed the language and did not support a mandatroyspay/neuter approach. The City designed an ordinance based on educationof pet owners regarding spaying/neutering options and responsible petownership.


The following animal regulations are taken in part from the Santa Barbara City Municipal Code. Click

South Lake Tahoe

Click Here to read the Ordinance South Lake Tahoe Directs Drafting of Ordinance Banning Pet Store Sale of Dogs and Cats

Note By Council Consensus the following item was heard out of agenda order a Update/Status Report and Possible Direction/Action Requested Regarding the  Development of a Draft City Policy on the Sale of Puppies from Puppy Mills

Click On December 9, 2008 for full minutes. Click
Here for their website.


Proposed Prohibition on the Retail Sale of Dogs and Cats by Pet Stores and Pet Store Operators

Recommendation:  Hear Staff Report; Receive Public and Council Comments; Direct Staff to Schedule Public Hearings Before the Planning Commission and the City Council to Consider an Ordinance Prohibiting the Retail Sale of Dogs and Cats; Direct City Attorney to Meet with Current Business Owner(s) and/or Operators of Pet Stores in the City Limits to Discuss and Obtain Information Regarding Phasing Out of Retail Sale of Dogs and Cats

Here To read more

City Of Ukiah
Here For City Council Minutes of the December 17, 2008 Meeting - Prepare Guardian Language Ordinance 



PETA on targeting children: "Everything we do is based at adults." Ingrid Newkirk, PETA President on CNN, March 21, 2002


"Our campaigns are always geared towards children and they always will be." Dan Matthews, PETA Vice President, on FOX News, Dec 19, 2003


What does it mean to be involved?
When negative legislation is proposed or adopted, it affects and alters the time and energy devoted to positive events as efforts are diverted to protecting our freedoms and those of our animals. It is extremely important to halt the negative influences of animal rights organizations so that energy can be devoted to all the beneficial effects that our animals can bring, such as having events that promote responsible dog ownership, etc. like showing our communities the countless types of work that our dogs are capable of doing.
What are you doing to be involved?
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